I am a caring, empathetic, high-energy guy who loves to play music and be outside. I have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a Learning Disability (LD) in math as well as difficulty in reading and writing, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and Mental Health issues. I learned the hard way of the struggles and obstacles of life, living with multiple disabilities. With my disabilities, I've found ways to change these perceived disadvantages into advantages!

In grade 12 I graduated from a transition camp for students with ADHD and LD's called Online-To Success (OLTS). I was asked back to speak about my experiences in the program. I quickly realized the impact sharing my personal stories had on these students. I began sharing my stories to other audiences around Kingston and found a lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding disability related issues. In 2013 I officially decided to pursue motivational speaking.

During my presentations, I discuss several strategies that are therapeutic for me, one of the most important being music. Music is a pivotal component for my struggles with multiple disabilities. I use it as an emotional outlet and tool to express the roller coaster of emotions I can experience any given day. It helps me express my life story and express my feelings without words.

My presentation delves into my personal journey of growing up with ADHD, LD, GAD, and Mental Health issues. I discuss my struggles, both socially and academically, and describe what it felt like growing up in the mainstream education system. Over time I've learned to work through these challenges and advocate for myself and others with disabilities. I present a very open and candid presentation relaying personal stories from my life. I love sharing my story and the insights I've gained to help bring awareness to others and break the stigma of disabilities.