Here are some things people have said about me:

"An inspirational speaker should inspire...Aaron does just that! He enlightens the listener with true, candid stories. It will open your eyes, and your heart!"

"Open, honest, and engaging!"

"Every student who has a disability, every parent of a child with a disability, and every educator in elementary, high school, and post-secondary institutions could benefit from Aaron's presentation."

"Teachers, future teachers, principals, and students with LDs need to hear your speech!"

"It was enlightening also, as a teacher, to hear how my students must feel on a regular basis, when they struggle to maintain their focus on the lesson or assignment. As frustrated as we get as teachers with students who can't listen, we need to be able to put ourselves in their shoes for a minute, to understand how it is impacting them as learners."

"I strongly recommend having Aaron speak to any student, teacher or parent to help them understand the impact of these disorders on so many lives."

"The "inspirational speakers" I was forced to listen to in high school were completely un relatable. Your presentation is touching and memorable because you speak from the heart, you don't 'sugar-coat' anything, and you provide information that is truly helpful and approachable."

"Your stories of growing up with an LD are filled with sincerity and candor; it was a joy to look around the room and see all the nodding, smiling faces."

"If I could describe your presentation in one word, I would say "passionate". You exude passion when you speak, you care deeply about issues relating to LDs, and you are one heck of a speaker."

"Watching Aaron speak to other students, you can see as the students change – from feeling alone and not good enough, to realizing that there are other people like them and that they can succeed. It's a beautiful thing to experience."

"Aaron's presentation to my undergraduate students in Disability Studies at Griffith University, Australia, was lively, engaging and honest. Aaron's generosity and frankness in talking about some of his life experiences stirred the students into a fresh understanding of the diversity of disability experiences"

"He has inspired me to take action on the issue of learning disabilities in doing my best to help my students succeed. It's about equity and potential… it's important stuff."

"Aaron, I feel so grateful to know you… You inspire me!"

"Aaron's candid reflections upon his life as a student with disabilities are sometimes heartbreaking but always inspirational. Whatever the response they evoke in his audience, the end result is one of great admiration for Aaron's dedication to his educational path in spite of ongoing challenges. His use of humour, even humour directed at himself, engages his listeners to the point that they collectively wait for his next anecdote. His presentations are a healthy mix of serious information, personal narrative, strategies for success, and motivation."